Day 3 – Bait

Hours and hours after loveful labor, I cling to my marvelous creation, spun from my own determination and patience. Every thread was a meditation. Every movement an intentional desire of what I crave. My new home for the time being. That will soon also be where I feast.

Quietly I slink to the leaves during the day. I chose a sweet tree who lets me be me. But when the moon shows herself, so do I. Tread to the middle and wait. Many creatures similar to my size fly by on their daily adventures. The buzzing bees and beetles. They’re sweet, and sometimes I almost feel guilty when they get stuck with me. I know they benefit the world. And then there are the flies, which disgust me… not my favorite bait, but they’ll suffice. Most of these beings are in constant action, but not me. I hang patiently and wait. I am not lazy like some might think. I’ve heard what others say of me, “she just sits there! She can’t expect everything to come to her! How does she just sit there all day?!” I allow these words to roll off of my conscience like a raindrop might fall from a flower petal.

I am in a constant balance of action and stillness. Do you think laziness is what built my home? Do you think it is laziness that nourishes me? It is patience, an inherent knowing, and trust that I will receive what sustains me. I will receive what I’ve prepared for. And by hanging here in the web that I have spun without assistance, I am destined to receive. Maybe I won’t receive in this tree, or the next, and that is when I will move. Flow to where calls me, where I will receive what I need. For there will always be more, and enough, and never less.