Day 1 – Ring

ciao, soulbabes!

i’m doing “inktober” aka writetober with inktober prompts. i did inktober last year but this year my friend gave me the idea of doing it for WRITING because, y’know, that’s my jam and all. i was thinking about posting these on instagram but it’s just a lot of work to do all that for their length, so i’ll be posting here to my blog instead.

note: i’m doing this for fun (which is a nice change because i haven’t done writer stuff just for fun in so long!) as an exercise to get my fictional writerly juices flowing. which also means this is mostly unedited work. day 1 is a pretty silly cliché/allegory and i don’t care! this is all for fun. ;*

i hope you enjoy!

Charcoal clouds weighed heavy on my house and the leafless branches were getting too close for comfort, taunting me with their bony fingers, caressing the window with the help of the subdued wind. I lit candles but it didn’t stop the dark from spooking me. We hadn’t had a power outage since I was a child and I was always desperately afraid of the dark. Every tiny sound had me looking out the window, my eyes so wide as if opening them larger would help me see better. Mice scurried along the alleyway outside and I wondered if they were running from something. Perhaps the ghost that was surely coming for me next. The only sound escaping my home was the creaking of floorboards as I worked my way around, making sure everything was in order. It was unsettling but there was no way that I was turning on the radio or the television. My neighborhood suddenly went so dark and still that the silence was beginning to crawl in my ears. Candle flame may have been slightly comforting but the rest was not. I huddled myself into the corner of the couch where at least I knew there could be nothing behind me. Suddenly, my phone rang, but it wasn’t a normal ring. It sounded like the spooky sounds from one of those horror films and I’d wondered if someone changed the ringer on me as a joke. I panicked because my phone was in the other room and suddenly I felt glued to the couch as if the grim reaper themselves tied me to it so they could take me to the underworld and torture me for eternity. My breath quickened and I felt the sweat forming tiny pools in my palms. The ring became louder and louder as if the phone was coming for me… but how?! I saw the small light peek around the corner getting closer and closer. Now I was panicked and echoing silence turned into an orchestra of fear. The flames, roaring. The branches, rapping on the windows. The wind, howling. My phone, laughing maniacally as I sunk deeper into my couch, clinging to the cushions around me, desperately trying to crawl inside of it. Was that a knock on the door?! Oh, hell! My eyes flashed across the room in my chaotic final moments of life when the phone calmly hopped on the couch and dropped itself at my feet. I was shaking beyond the ability to move, but somehow managed to pick up my glowing phone, still ringing… I placed the phone to my ear best I could, but words would not leave my lips. Not that it mattered… as I never needed to speak again. The grim reaper may not have come for me directly, but my phone got me that fateful night. And all it had to do was ring.