the chain

i'm attempting to express
demon of anxiety & overthinking
does it's best
to keep me still
and i'm fighting it
strangling it
dangling it over balconies and threatening
but no--
i'ma take it to the ocean
throw it out to sea
let it know how i truly feel
you're not welcome here
i'm living my life
i know you don't want me free
want me drowning in strife
you thrive off my demise
but that won't work anymore
i'm so rich, i'm poor
and so the cycle circles the floor
life and death always come back
for more
don't know how you've grown throughout the years
took up more space in my mind with every tear
but i'm telling you
i'm breaking free
no more shackles controlling me and holding me
fear is a demon
it loves to manifest as panic and indecision
but in my psyche i made the final incision
there's no reason to say no
and every reason to say yes
so we can live our very best