eternity... or not



we always hear about soulmates, karmic relationships, twin flames... honestly these labels can assist us in describing deep bonds (sometimes) but we also apply our own meanings to these terms, and some can be toxic.

i stopped rolling with the concept of twin flames when i realized how many times women stay in abusive bonds because we think if we just endure, that somehow this person will come around and treat us right. raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by this idea.


i allowed myself to stay in a “relationship” that left me insecure and rejected and MANIC—questioning my worth of a healthy relationship or a relationship at all, giving away all of my power to this person. yes, emotional avoidance, ignoring someone to avoid being honest—it is ABUSE.

i stuck around too long for multiple reasons, but i was also introduced to the twin flame idea while i was involved with this person. he and i fit the typical definition, but it’s beyond dangerous to our well being to continue to endure abuse just because you think you have a deep and cosmic connection with someone. the anxiousness i felt. the obsessiveness. the emotional and spiritual clinginess i felt because i was afraid they’d leave only pushed them further away. i was NOT sound of mind partly because of their avoidant abuse. and the twin flame idea only contributed to me sticking around for a lot longer than i should have and had me making excuses for their wrongful behavior.


the purpose of this ABUSE (not to be mistaken for ‘connection’), is only to send us back to ourselves. like most things. i am so grateful that i finally chose myself over dwelling in fear of abandonment for years. i had already been abandoned, my spirit was waiting for me. to choose me. and i believe in your power to choose yourself as well. don’t get caught up in very very humanized and muddled spirituality/psychology that keeps you trapped. have your beliefs and also have the power of discernment to break away what drains and depletes you.

samantha rose

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