leave the spiral

sometimes you think you're ready for something you want and you find that in the midst of this "thing"––relationship, job, friendship, achievement, goal––making it's way to you, that there is still so much to learn and unlearn.

patience and trust must be implemented and integrated to pave the way for divine timing. joy rooted in the present moment. being present, period! sometimes we don't realize that while we are trying (keyword: trying) to invite the new in so eagerly and excitedly (and impatiently, for some... ahem), that when it doesn't arrive on our time, on our terms, when we think it SHOULD, or when we demand it... we immediately revert back to old ways to try those outdated beliefs and behaviors out again, even though they didn't serve us all the other times we used them. 

what about trusting the process instead?

what about leaning into our growing pains instead of running back to 'safety' (which is actually unsafe)?

what about going to sleep at night with the satisfaction that we ran toward progress that day, even if we crawled, even if we only made it an inch, instead of running back to what never fulfilled us at all?

we learn in spirals, but how about when we've reached the end of that spiral...

do we truly take the leap?

if we stopped retreating back into the spiral from the edge of faith, we'd be truly ready. we'd show our chops and prove we are ready. of course, we're going to retreat back into the spiral as many times as we need... but there comes a point where the spiral has served its purpose and there's no need to go back anymore.

i encourage you. leap. trust yourself. leap. take the chance. leap. speak your truth. leap. since your truth, dance your truth. leap. cry your truth. leap. love your truth.