every day is women's day

i don't like to feel forced into the pressure that if i don't share my thoughts along with the social trend that it looks like i'm not participating or on board. 

i'm not here to criticize anyone contributing to the hashtags on social media because i don't think there's anything wrong with posting about it. if anything, i'm hard on myself for struggling with it. i did make some posts on instagram but i quickly couldn't stand to be on the app anymore because of all the repetitive posts of rupi kaur (not a knock to her because i love her poetry but y'all really only read one poet lol) and everything else.

it's feels dramatic because it is. it's a play. we live in a movie. for some reason, we decide there's national holidays all the time. every day is a new thing. pancakes, women, dogs, etc. maybe we need to be dramatic, but sometimes i'm just tired.

i saw someone tweet that she was annoyed that we even have to have an international women's day. i agree, and i also think these holidays have some significance. it raises awareness. but... for women? we need an awareness day for women? we're more than half of the population of earth, some of us give birth, we are infinite power...

and we need one day to acknowledge that?

every day is women's day.

i know many women and observe women i don't know stanning for each other all day every day. women are very aware of ourselves and each other. we are constantly building each other up and celebrating each other.

so for women's day i want to see men doing that. i want to see men praising and thanking women. women do it every day. if we didn't, who would? some men, but not the majority. this isn't an attack on men that they should feel the need to defend themselves against. learn awareness. i simply know for a fact by living the truth that women thank other women far more than men thank and acknowledge women. i know this. i live it, and today i can think of two men who made posts about women.

for me, international women's day is every day. women's work is my work. women are what have saved me many times. women push me to do better. so do men, but this isn't about y'all right now. women are what i feel passionate about. women inspire me. women are powerful as fuck and i'm learning to not be afraid to show that power of mine to the world. almost every day i think about how to improve the lives of women.

so while people can take a day to acknowledge the beauty of women, i think majority of us recognize that this is not something we ever aren't aware of or take a break from. we're constantly gathering inspiration from women like solange knowles or lady gaga or whoever inspires us every day. we post them on social media every day with the #mood hashtag. we work on our relationships with ourselves constantly. we have deep conversations with our sisters. we share health, beauty, and relationship advice and tips, humor, support, listening, warmth, art, praise, constructive criticism, checks when needed, etc.

this is EVERY DAY! and i love that. and i love us. women of all sizes, genders, backgrounds, races, nationalities... i am very aware that not all women and feminism is inclusive, but mine is, and i'm very passionate and diligent about that. that's what i want people to think about today: their inclusivity to all women, including transwomen.

so while i'm not against this day per sé, i got really exhausted of instagram especially with the repetitive posts. it's something i feel guilty to feel negative about, but i've made my points.

love to all the women everywhere doing/being/saying/singing/writing/painting/playing/slaying cool shit every day, because i see you. i have to say that i'm grateful through all of the tired repetitive posts today that i know/follow so many amazing people who acknowledge the amazingness that is women.

1. please check your feminism. is it inclusive? of who? all self-proclaimed women? with unconditional love? just keep it fresh. updated. support woc. support transwomen. support those who don't subscribe to gender binaries. support 'disabled.' support mental health. 

2. please read this article, especially if you're a white woman, and learn some of your history so you don't repeat it. you might not be 'all' white women, but these are our people. learn them.

i'm not perfect. i'm a work in progress. as a cis and abled white woman, my queerness that i'm still exploring doesn't erase any of my privileges. i'm not trying to speak from a soapbox, but as a peer, keeping my peers in check.

at the end of the day, i love celebrating women always. and i look forward to seeing more men celebrate women and feeling good about celebrating men without having to make excuses about either celebrations.