ultimate truth

where are the walls,

and why are they built so high? why are you afraid to touch the sky?
inhale the breath of another? now it's time to let go of all past lovers.
they can be your friends if you can handle it but don't even think about forcin' it.

out with the old
in with the new
time for some beautiful love,
minimal blues.

you've been writing about him for months
now venus descends and you're feeling stumped.
well guess what, the only stump at play
is your stubbornness getting in the way.
open your arms and open your heart,
i know you're ready for this brand new start.

you've been doing the work
of clearing your heart and truly seeing your worth.

pray to me when you need to
don't forget i'm always here with you
ears always open like i encourage your heart to be
eyes always open, let me help you see

you're beautiful and worthy
no one has to tell you for that to be real.
it's all in your heart, i know you feel.