open your heart to love

happy Scorpio season! i know it hasn't been easy, but i hope this post may help you float along the depths of these waters just a little easier, or at least help steer you in the 'right' direction. the theme of this is 'the art of loving.' the art of allowing yourself to receive love, the art of openly giving love to yourself and/or another... and all of the depths that go with that. it's not so simple and yet it is.

if you'd rather listen along with some added thoughts while i read/spoke this... click here. there's a bit more in the audio because i rambled on as i read, but it's not much longer and you aren't missing much if you choose to only read.

the other night i couldn’t sleep. actually, it's been that way for a while. i was okay being awake actually and indulged in the vibes. it was jazz + rain + romance on the brain. lately everything has been showing me two choices: love or fear. it makes sense, since Scorpio season is all about surrender, vulnerability, and watery depths. for too long in my life i chose fear and i made the commitment recently to choose love. and let me tell you, it takes effort. 

i don’t mean love only in the romantic sense but also in terms of a general way of being. moving and choosing with love. fear is easy. fear takes no effort and is our ego’s go-to. it's easy to be negative and defeated. fear is the ego’s mechanism of keeping us in a low vibrational state. living in a state of fear invites all kinds of things we don’t want: lack, and everything broken and sad. it's almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. choosing love takes conscious choice and commitment. commitment to yourself and YOUR love. choosing love means kicking fear to the curb. choosing love means taking action toward that which fulfills us.

so much is crumbling right now. let it! all of that false shit has fallen or is falling away because new things are showing up for all of us whether it's relationships or jobs or what have you. so my question to myself and to you is... are you PREPARING and WILLING to invite this newness into your life? to let all that doesn’t serve you go? i know this advice is rampant all over spiritual-internet DAILY, but right now there is definitely a specific shift occurring. all of this beauty and bliss is waiting for us to open our hearts and our arms. are we willing to adapt and apply the lessons we've learned in the last 5 (or more) years? because it's time for the new. it’s time for bliss.

i personally have been working
through past traumas, fears,
paranoia and doubt,
clearing them out
so that i can 'have' what i know i am worthy of.

when love shows up and all of your fears and doubts are tapping you on the shoulder vigorously it can be so easy to succumb to them and drop everything and push it all away. but i encourage you to reflect on, "why is this coming up for me?" those negative thoughts aren't truth, those are your programs and traumas that need working through. this is your opportunity to apply what you've learned and have a whole new life.

divine unions are happening right now and i know that for a fact. even just within yourself. the divine feminine and masculine are meeting and merging, whether it’s in human form or the energies within yourself. in some cases, both, despite the fact that both of these energies are inherently present within all of us. it's easier to run but i encourage you to surrender instead. remember that love is stronger. love is all there is. you ARE love. stay in your loving awareness that that is all the universe wants for you. choose love over fear. choose kindness. choose vulnerability and openness. the more love you give the more love you receive. this is law. not everyone wants your love and that’s okay. reserve your love for yourself and wait patiently until the one(s) who wants your love arrives. this Scorpio season has NOT been playing around. and quite frankly i'm here for it since i asked for so much positive change in my life. now i'm working on allowing myself to receive it.

go listen to "open your heart" by Madonna, or any music that sparks your inner romance, and indulge. go romance yourself and indulge. go watch your favorite movie and tell someone you love them and write it out and sing it out and dance it out and indulge in all that makes you feel good! surrender to love. love is everything that makes you feel good.

it has amazed me how my online community has been totally on the same page with this. we’ve all been talking about the masculine, integration, the end of duality because it’s all coming together… this surrender and vulnerability, the love that is emerging, the divine unions that are coming together… for some people, it’s twin flames, but i will always remember that i am my own twin flame, that i am whole… and if another whole being wants to join us and we want to join them, and we feel we’re meant to be… to be accepting of that and receptive to it. in fact, that’s been part of my own surrender this Scorpio season. to open myself up to love and be willing to be vulnerable and to tell fear to, quite frankly, fuck off… because love is what i am worthy of, and what we are all worthy of.

so, i encourage you to explore your own emotions with some of these journal prompts:

  • “what am i afraid of?”
  • “what/why am i holding back?”
  • “what am i not letting in?”
  • “why is my guard up?”

they appear to be simple questions, but they can unpack quite a lot. be honest with yourself for maximum effect and transmutation. 

sit with these one at a time, and explore why… explore your why’s and your what’s… and when experiences, memories, and the people who’ve led you to close down your heart show up… write what you need to write, acknowledge those experiences, and then… let them go. they’re in the past alone now. you’re in the present with you and your love.

i promise, when you truly have the intention to let the past go, and you focus instead on your own love and what you truly want out of yourself, a partner, LIFE… all it takes is making the room and loving yourself through your fears and insecurities and doubts to let it all in. and to not run away when it shows up. the further you dive into love and optimism, the more those things are going to show up. when they arrive is the test of your readiness to receive.

dive into the darkness. alchemize every dark emotion, memory, trauma... (my method is talking and writing but it's really doing the actions that are healing for you). unbury your inner child and your heart's radiance... retrieve them from the depths and never let them go again. learn from them. love them. be them.

fear and pain don’t want you to let them go. especially fear. fear banks on you feeling it so it can survive. but wouldn’t you rather feed love? love is expansion. love is your true nature and your true essence. so be love. and i know it’s easier said than done because it’s taken me almost a year to even get to this point where i can say this from experience and not from theory of what i hope to be. it takes work and it takes time and i promise you it’s worth it. i love you.